Writer, reporter, editor. High-waist truther. Bloody Mary apologist.
In short: Freelance writer BU COM SAN <-> BOS
In short-ish: Former Here Mag Print Editor. Current Elite Daily staff writer covering sex, love, and queer stuff. Interested in climate, food, sexuality, and tomato bases. San Diego–raised. Boston-schooled. (Emerson ‘17, BU ‘23)
At length: I’m a graduate student in the Boston University Journalism department with a particular interest in narrative and magazine reporting. When I’m not in class, I’m musing about pop culture and sex for Elite Daily, a subsidiary of the Bustle Digital Group, or I’m working on freelance writing projects. In April 2017, just before I received my undergraduate degree from Emerson College, I was hired to assist the Editorial Director as Away’s first editorial intern. By July, our tiny team had launched a boutique print and digital magazine that published travel guides and in-depth reports on creative communities and change-makers around the world. As an intern, associate, and finally the magazine’s Print Editor, I kick-started the Here Magazine newsletter, wrote over 100 articles, and reported from 11 countries and 18 cities on five continents. Our cover stars ranged from the "world's best female chef" Daniela Soto-Innes to TV star Jonathan Van Ness and she-who-needs-no-introduction Serena Williams. Find my favorite reported stories and interviews here.
From 2015-2017, I was the first content editor at THINX, where I built a loyal following around my weekly newsletter, "This Week In Feminism," before weekly newsletters from brands were cool (read: "annoying" or "excessive") and I was once invited to Gloria Steinem's apartment to talk period politics. She too loves a bold accessory and the abolition of the tampon tax!
And because this wouldn’t be a proper personal website without useless fun facts, my most harrowing wildlife encounters include: •The time I locked eyes with a mature silverback in Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest •The time I swam face-to-face with great whites in Gansbaai, South Africa •The time(s) I stared down a cockroach the size of my thumb in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
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