I had better tell you who I am, and why.

In short: Freelance writer BU COM Bicoastal

In short-ish: Formerly at Here Mag and Elite Daily. Currently at the Boston Globe. Interested in climate, food, sexuality, and tomato bases. San Diego–raised. Boston-schooled.

At length: I’m a graduate student at Boston University’s College of Communication, where I study journalism. I like narrative reporting and magazine writing best. When I’m not in class, I work part-time as a digital producer for the Globe.com homepage, I regularly contribute to Cosmopolitan, and I freelance elsewhere.

Before any of that, I had the wonderful opportunity to help build out some cutting edge start-up publications from their earliest stages, including Away’s Here Magazine. When I graduated from Emerson College in 2017, I moved to NYC as Away’s first editorial intern. That summer, I assisted the launch of Here, a boutique print and digital outlet for travel guides and in-depth reports on creative communities around the world. As an intern, associate, and finally the magazine’s print editor, I kick-started our newsletter, wrote over 100 articles, and reported from 11 countries and 18 cities on five continents. Our cover stars ranged from the "world's best female chef" Daniela Soto-Innes to TV star Jonathan Van Ness and Serena Williams. Find my favorite reported stories and interviews from Here and beyond, well, here.

From 2015-2017, I was the first content editor at THINX, where I wrote a weekly newsletter before weekly newsletters from brands were cool (read: "annoying" or "excessive") and I was once invited to Gloria Steinem's apartment to talk period politics. She too loves a bold accessory and the abolition of the tampon tax.

And because this wouldn’t be a proper personal website without useless fun facts, my most harrowing wildlife encounters include: •The time I locked eyes with a mature silverback in Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest •The time I swam face-to-face with great whites in Gansbaai, South Africa •The time(s) I stared down a roach the size of my thumb in Crown Heights, BK

Bonus for my fans: I am a whole person with interests outside of work! See right—>

I surf (poorly). I eat (well). I cook, dance, and karaoke to early Rihanna (proficiently). And lastly, I believe we, as a culture, deserve a Bloody Mary emoji.